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*This is an image of a HouseHack property.

We’ve Raised Over $40m and Built our Foundations.

We've built the foundation of our model: to buy what we believe to be under-market-value real estate, improve the properties to increase potential asset value, and rent out for cash flow.

Now, we believe we're ready for the next phase: to package these properties into MiniFunds™ to unlock revenue and grow the company.

Potential Wedge Generated in 6 months: $4m*

Review HouseHack properties and their potential wedges below. We’re currently in two separate states & eight cities.

Our average single unit deal is over $132,000 per wedge*

Property Purchase Price Reno Costs Total In ARV Wedge
Property 1 $611,220 $49,682 $660,902 $775,000 $114,098
Property 2 $627,037 $45,820 $672,857 $800,000 $127,143
Property 3 $550,000 $89,900 $639,900 $750,000 $110,100
Property 4 $555,141 $56,735 $611,875 $725,000 $113,125
Property 5 $690,700 $41,917 $732,617 $825,000 $92,383
Property 6 $688,549 $59,936 $748,485 $875,000 $126,515
Property 7 $15,700,000 $10,201 $15,910,201 $18,000,000 $2,289,799
Property 8 $1,008,038 $69,843 $1,077,881 $1,280,000 $202,119
Property 9 $323,164 $420 $323,584 $400,000 $76,417
Property 10 $515,839 $65,311 $581,150 $665,000 $83,850
Property 11 $478,314 $63,396 $541,709 $630,000 $88,291
Property 12 $460,605 $54,418 $515,023 $605,000 $89,977
Property 13 $946,000 $51,383 $997,383 $1,280,000 $282,617
Property 14 $515,481 $79,828 $595,309 $730,000 $134,691
Property 15 $507,581 $80,832 $588,413 $770,000 $181,587
TOTALS $24,377,667 $819,623 $25,197,290 $29,110,000 $4,112,710
Purchase Price
Reno Costs
Total In
Est. New Value*
Property 1
Property 2
Property 3
Property 4
Property 5
Property 6
Property 7
Property 8
Property 9
Property 10
Property 11
Property 12
Property 13
Property 14
Property 15

*Based on estimated after-repair value of publicly available, sold-comps. Subject to future audit/independent verification. All images below are HouseHack Properties.

**These properties are still being renovated.  These amounts are the final estimated renovation costs.

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HouseHack Before & Afters

These properties were efficiently renovated and placed on the market within months.

Our Vision

Our plan is to utilize cash and go after deals others ignore. We look to acquire great deals that after being fixed up, we believe could have a healthy margin of positive asset value.

By rolling these properties to institutional investors or affiliates, we believe we'll be able to accelerate operating cash flow.

Note: There are always market, tenant, geographic, and other risks. At this time, the company intends to reinvest operating cash flow. References to cash flow on this website or otherwise, should not be construed as implying dividends or distributions to investors at this time. Although the company may decide to offer dividends, distributions, or repurchase shares in the future, that is not the company's present intention. Instead, the company intends to continue growing its business by reinvesting.

The Next Phase: MiniFunds™

MiniFunds™ is HouseHack's strategy to potentially convert equity into operating cash flow.

One of the liquidation strategies that HouseHack plans to implement is taking renovated properties, bundling them together, and selling them at current market value to investors and institutions via various investment vehicles (i.e., publicly listed REITs, pension funds, hedge funds, etc.).

Through MiniFunds™, we plan to roll quality properties with our professional management team in place into potential operating CASH FLOW by providing low-risk, stable yields to institutions, fund managers, exchanges, and affiliates via MiniFunds™.

This "UNLOCKS OUR WEDGE.” Remember, HouseHack wants to find opportunities and wedges. However, once we find a set of wedges, we’re stuck - unless we can find EVEN MORE wedges by unlocking the value and cash in our first wedge.

More cycles of MiniFunds™ = more potential cashflow.

Note: As of February 2024, we have yet to and cannot guarantee we will be able to create MiniFunds™ or implement this strategy to recapture capital and potential appreciation for operating cash flow. This could be via a future-qualified, publicly listed vehicle to be determined in the future, which creates increased risk as it has not been done yet.

Our Cash Flow Plan

Please see “Risk Factors” in our PPM for details on the risks associated with our plan.


Buy Wedge Deals

Buy what we believe are distressed and unlivable properties. If the market falls, our wedge could compress, but our goal is to maximize the wedge in turbulent times.


Renovate them via our Formula

Renovate with what we believe are cost-effective strategies that can possibly increase rental income and asset value based on our founder's experience.


Rent them out

Rent out properties for consistent, long-term revenues and retain management in-house. Our goal is to maximize the revenue of each property by implementing efficient rental strategies for each market.


Roll to Cash Flow with MiniFunds™

Roll the properties at their new market value via MiniFunds™ to fund managers, institutions, and potentially the public via exchanges or affiliates for operating cash flow. We will aim to retain management of the properties to keep costs low.


Receive Original Capital & Appreciated Value Back

Our goal is for this process to generate an ongoing cycle as we are able to rinse and repeat the cash flow plan.

The Story of Kevin Paffrath

And laying the foundations for HouseHack...

Kevin moved to the U.S. from Germany as a child, with a thick German accent, into a family navigating its way through the challenges of assimilation and financial instability. He watched his parents struggle to learn English and to make ends meet as they moved from one apartment to another. The "dot-com" recession hit hard, causing his father's business to collapse and leading to his parents' divorce. His family lost their home, car, and had to move cities, tearing him away from childhood friends. With no local family stateside for support, he was now torn between two broken households.

These experiences didn't break him; they built him. They lit a fire under him and created an incredible work ethic.

While in college, he turned his focus to real estate. He learned everything he could and eventually would become an agent, then a broker, and even a licensed loan officer. He wanted to know everything he could about real estate to provide more value.

He soon realized that to find deals as an investor, he had to look where other people usually weren't.

Homebuyers were busy finding move-in-ready homes - they didn't want to deal with renovations, and they were turned off by simple cosmetic fixes like popcorn ceilings and shag carpets.

Many investors weren't focused on single-family homes either, as they were too busy competing with other investors trying to get diversification with multi-family.

Kevin realized if he got enough single-family homes, he would have diversification too. So, he started buying homes one by one and focused on properties that he believed sold for less than the neighborhood average because of mostly cosmetic issues. He believed that because of the advantages of buying under-market properties that weren’t hard to fix up, he was able to create a sort of buffer, or “wedge".

This "wedge" is the difference in the cost to buy a home and renovate it compared to the price it could potentially sell at based on local market and neighborhood conditions.

The Wedge in Action

This is how we believe the wedge model should work:

- $500k fixer-upper in a
- $700k neighborhood takes
- $50k to fix up.

Total cost: $550k
Potential value: $700k.

The $150k spread is the "wedge".

If home values fell by 20%, we have the potential to still end up on top if we needed to sell.

We aim to acquire wedge deals at scale & cash flow with the power of MiniFunds™.

Our plan is to leverage our founder's tested wedge-deal-to-rental model and accelerate it with the advantages of buying properties with cash, the cost benefits of economies of scale, and the operating cash flow potential of packaging and selling them to affiliates and/or third parties via MiniFunds™.

Note: If the market declines more than the value of the wedge, there may be a loss of principal in the investment. There are also other factors, such as potential tenant eviction or disasters which could affect the value of a property/wedge. Please read our "Risk Factors" in our PPM for more details.


Hey, it’s Kevin Paffrath. It’s really important you read our Private Placement Memorandum to understand what an investment in HouseHack means. While we have goals, hopes, and dreams, it’s important to remember that’s what these are now. There’s a lot of hard work, effort, and dedication that’s going to be required between now and then. And, while we’re up for the challenge, it’s exactly that: a challenge.

Things could go great, or they could not. While I will not stop trying to make HouseHack a great success, there will always be risk. Risks of accidents, mistakes, failures, market movements, or otherwise. It’s worth remembering that I started as a real estate agent, worked in property management, and became a real estate broker. I’ve renovated properties and managed/coordinated their renovations, and I am very familiar with the process, however, that experience has been limited geographically, and there may be risks in expanding to other regions. I also have little experience in working with institutions to bundle and sell real estate to them, so while we have hopes and goals with MiniFunds™, we cannot guarantee our plans will work. In discussions, we hope they will, but as we all know: talk is cheap.

In evaluating your investment, remember that I’m not your personal financial advisor. I might be very excited about this, but I’m also the founder - so it’s very important to balance my enthusiasm with what’s right for you. Only you and your own advisors can make that determination after properly balancing the risks of investing. Thanks so much for considering an investment into HouseHack. ~"Meet Kevin” Paffrath

HouseHack Renovations

HouseHack aims at efficiently renovating properties to increase asset values.


After Kevin selling over $150,000,000 in real estate and transacting over 200 individual deals as a real estate agent and broker- many with renovations and rentals often featuring our in-house construction team–we believe we're ready to scale our formula.

And, we have already begun.

[Note: Currently active licenses include Real Estate Broker, Series 7, Series 63, Series 65, Series 27, and Series 24. This offering is not being provided as financial advice through Kevin's adviser licenses. Please read our offering circular thoroughly before choosing to invest in HouseHack.] We believe that though he may not use the licenses per se in his affiliation with us, the licenses Kevin has passed and the knowledge he has acquired through them will assist him in developing the company.

License tests Kevin has passed:

Real Estate Agent; Real Estate Broker; California General B Contractor License; Series 7; Series 63; Series 65; Series 27; Series 24; FAA Drone Pilot; and Mortgage Loan Originator (Lender.)

Our Process

How We Find Deals

We work with agents, wholesalers, and sellers directly who send us deals. Then, we make competitive cash offers on the deals we love. We also use MLS access when available, online sources, and our proprietary Wedge-AI App to maximize our efficiency in finding deals. At this point, all acquired properties are signed off on by our founder after he personally verifies values and estimates prior to closing.

How We Inspect Deals

After making cash offers on what we believe to be below-market properties, we leverage our founder’s experience in construction, real estate renovations, and wedge deal work to inspect roofs, electrical systems, sewer lines, foundations, moisture, attics, crawlspaces, and more. (HouseHack owns a complete inspection kit including sewer-inspection camera, FLIR camera, and more). We believe this makes us FAST and competitive.

Often, we believe we can use our competitive edge and speed to beat other offers. Many of the “wedge” deals HouseHack has locked in have had multiple offers. Sellers frequently select us because of our speed with inspections, prompt removal of contingency, and speed in closing. However, and obviously, there can be no guarantee that we are always or will continue to be successful.

Yet, time and time again, we are often able to secure the deal while maintaining the wedge in the property.

How We Manage Deals

We are professional property managers at heart. Prioritizing working for who we call our customers–our contractors, vendors, and our tenants–reminds us real estate is a people business. Of course, that does mean there is a risk that people may not want to do business with us, which of course we would want to minimize. We believe we can make real estate a win-win and be a substantially better landlord, asset manager, and fund manager.

“Hands-Off” Real Estate Exposure

With the S&P near all-time highs, we believe many investors may want to provide their portfolio with more Real Estate exposure.

An investment in HouseHack helps investors avoid many of the headaches and risks of managing properties themselves, such as:

  • Identifying and financing profitable deals from acquisition to disposition and working with lenders and agents.
  • Handling property management, evictions, collections, and damage.
  • Finding and qualifying tenants, ensuring timely payment, and handling numerous inquiries and issues.
  • Navigating legal liabilities, insurance-claim disputes, and processing.
  • Navigating tax complexities like cost segregation, depreciation, 1031 exchanges, categorizing repairs vs. capital improvements, and differentiating short-term vs. long-term gain.
  • Dealing with market timing and high tenant-vacancy risk.
  • Managing renovation risks, contractors, permits, construction coordination, and workforce engagement.

Our Model

Potential Path To Revenue

We have started to implement our model. Now it's time to grow. With scale, we believe we can have better margins than a small-time investor.

Less-Competitive Arena

Only around 20% of single-family home buyers are investors. This means most buyers are unlikely aware of how to "wedge" real estate, significantly reducing our competition and hopefully increasing our returns.

Higher Margins For All

We plan to be more competitive, while also aiming to be more profitable. That's because we plan to avoid the up to 5-10% in selling fees as our strategy involves rolling properties to a potential investment vehicle rather than quickly flipping them. That could potentially be another $25,000-$50,000 of margin on a $500,000 property. This structure can make deal sourcing easier.

2-Million Community Bonus

With our founder having an active reach of millions on social media, we believe we have the advantage of being able to tap into our own built-in community to source deals and build partnerships with agents, lenders, and contractors - as well as source tenants and future investors.

This is a unique and valuable advantage.

Future Equity Potential

If deemed profitable for the company and its investors, we may offer stock in HouseHack to tenants or agents who work with us. This could increase agent-deal-finding loyalty, reduce our acquisition costs, and increase our profit per deal. We could be a landlord who helps tenants build wealth. We believe this is the type of goodwill and forward-thinking America needs. This could also increase tenant satisfaction and longevity while minimizing property damage and screening risk. For now, this is just an idea that might not happen.

Leveraging MiniFunds™

Through MiniFunds™, we plan to roll quality properties with our professional management team in place into operating cash flow by providing low-risk, stable yields to institutions, fund managers, via exchanges and affiliates.

We reserve the right to close or extend the round at anytime without advanced notice.

read our PPM

What’s Next?

Read our offering materials, including our PPM, and you are interested in investing in HouseHack, click here to begin the process.


The Meet Kevin Model

Our founder has already proven the wedge-deal-to-rental model can be successful in his personal holding, and now we hope to bring those potential benefits and cost savings with economies of scale.

Unique Advantages

We believe our social community, business model, and in-house proprietary AI give us extra resources our competition may not have.

Proven Team

From deal analysis and acquisition to construction and leasing, we believe our in-house team is highly experienced and has a track record of execution.

Opportune Market Cycle

With high interest rates, we believe we are well positioned with the cost benefits and negotiating power of buying properties in cash.

Let's build this, together.

"Meet Kevin" Paffrath

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