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Accredited Investors From Our Seed Round | $1 Per Share

We’ve Raised Over $40m Million.

We've built the foundation of our model: to buy what we believe to be under-market-value real estate, improve the properties to increase asset value, and rent out for cash flow.

Now, we believe we're ready for the next phase: to package these properties into MiniFunds™ to unlock potential massive cash flow and accelerate our cycle.

While we were planning on raising funds, at this time we don't believe we need to.

If we do another raise it will likely be at $2 per share or above.

As a seed investor you may have warrants available to redeem for $1 per share.

Exercise at $1/Share
Until April 8th, 2024 at 5pm EST.

The amount of shares you are able to purchase is based on when you funded your seed investment:

For example, if you have invested $100,000 in September 2022 and are a course member, you have received warrants that enable you purchase an additional $65,000 of shares at $1/share. The window to exercise your warrants are now open until April 8th, 2024 at 5pm EST.

If you don't exercise your warrants within the window, they will expire worthless.

Exercise at the Seed Round Share Price.

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Our Vision

Our plan is to utilize cash and go after deals others ignore. We look to acquire great deals that after being fixed up, we believe could have a healthy margin of positive asset value.

By rolling these properties to institutional investors or affiliates, we believe we'll be able to accelerate operating cash flow.

*This image is of an actual HouseHack deal.

Note: There are always market, tenant, geographic, and other risks. At this time, the company intends to reinvest operating cash flow. References to cash flow on this website or otherwise, should not be construed as implying dividends or distributions to investors at this time. Although the company may decide to offer dividends, distributions, or repurchase shares in the future, that is not the company's present intention. Instead, the company intends to continue growing its business by reinvesting.

The Next Phase: MiniFunds™.

MiniFunds™ is HouseHack's strategy to potentially convert equity into operating cash flow.

One of the liquidation strategies that HouseHack plans to implement is taking properties, bundling them together and selling them at current market value to investors and institutions via various investment vehicles (i.e., publicly listed REITs, pension funds/hedge funds).

Through MiniFunds™, we plan to roll quality properties with our professional management in place into operating CASH FLOW by providing low-risk, stable yields to institutions, fund managers, exchanges, and affiliates via MiniFunds™.

Note: As of February 2024 we have yet to and cannot guarantee we will be able to create MiniFunds™. This could be via a future-qualified, publicly listed vehicle to be determined in the future which creates increased risk as it has not been done yet.

Our Cash Flow Plan

Please see “Risk Factors” in our Offering Circular for details on the risks associated with our plan.


Buy Wedge Deals

Buy what we believe are distressed and unlivable properties. If the market falls, our wedge could compress, but our goal is to maximize the wedge in turbulent times.


Renovate them via our Formula

Renovate with what we believe are cost-effective and can possibly increase rental income and asset value based on Kevin's experience.


Rent them out

Rent out properties for consistent, long-term revenues and retain management in-house. Our goal is to maximize the revenue of each property by implementing efficient rental strategies for each market.


Roll to Cash Flow with MiniFunds™

Roll the properties at their new market value via MiniFunds™ to fund managers, institutions, and potentially the public via exchanges or affiliates for operating cash flow. We will aim to retain management.


Receive Original Capital & Stabilized Value Back

Our goal is for this process to generate an ongoing cycle as we are able to rinse and repeat the cash flow plan.

“Hands-Off” Real Estate Exposure.

With the S&P near all-time highs, we believe many investors may want to provide their portfolio with more Real Estate exposure.

Exercise at $1/Share.

What’s Next?

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